How Martial Arts Can Supercharge Your Man Spirit
Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Rodney King. Robert Moore, a psychologist and theologian, emphasized that for men the warrior spirit was “hard wired.” Our hunter-gatherer ancestors were warriors. As warriors they where required to defend themselves to survive. They had to defend their family and tribe. This was necessary for the lineage › Read more

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What are the benefits of karate?
Many people are unaware of all the benefits that come with participating in karate. More specifically, though, karate offers a wide variety of exercise benefits! East West Karate & Fitness offers karate programs as well as other great training programs for you to improve your health and physical abilities. Karate and Martial Arts can definitely be associated with weight
Plowden’s Tournament
Great job TEAM EWK goes out to all who competed at Plowden’s tournament!!! #teameastwest #TeamEWK #MartialArts #Oakville#EastWestKarate #EWK #Mississauga #Karate  
Student/Parent Appreciation Week
Happening this week at EWK!!! Student/Parent Appreciation week…we love our students and parents, thank you for another great year! #teameastwest#TeamEWK #MartialArts #Oakville #EastWestKarate #EWK #Mississauga  
EWK has some more future Black belt DADS!
Way to go DaDs … Day 2 of 2 “Camo Belt Class” was KICK’N! Thank you to all the DaDs who came out and joined us on the mat, you RocK!!! #EWK #EastWestKarate #MartialArts #Karate #teamewk #teameastwest#Oakville #Mississauga #Dad #fathersday #camobelt  

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