At East West Karate, we place our emphasis on personal development to produce a student who is both mentally and physically capable of handling all that our society has to offer.

Our students are taught from the very beginning that the only person that they are competing against is themselves and that it is this self improvement that results in the perfection of their character.

Our parents often comment on how their child’s concentration has greatly improved resulting in better work and academic results.

This is because of the discipline and mental concentration involved in the Martial Arts. Through the journey to Black Belt Excellence, our students learn about the importance of leadership. To become a Black Belt is to excel to your individual BEST.

As a Martial Artist, we should always strive to improve our skills and develop ourselves in a well rounded fashion. A person with great skills is someone who has earned the respect for others and can enjoy a strong sense of accomplishment.

The above will help our students in all areas of life. Our students are encouraged to be productive and positive members of today’s society, this can be seen through our student creed which is a very important part of our program.


  • This school is dedicated to personal development.

  • Through the Martial Arts, we will develop the heart, mind, body and soul.

  • This school is a positive environment where people feel good about themselves.

  • Throughout their training, students are encouraged to be their personal best.

  • This mission will be accomplished throughout constant education and support.

  • Our staff is dedicated to uphold the integrity of the Martial Arts, and to lead by example both in and out of our school.

  • We are committed long term to the community through uncompromised student service.


As a student of East West Karate, we are on a quest to be our BEST!

                We must keep in mind that the ultimate goal for the Martial Arts is the perfection of the character of the participants. We all achieve this by following our student creed which is:


I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that will reduce my mental growth or physical health.


I will develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.


I will use common sense before self defense and never be offensive or abusive.


This is a BLACK BELT SCHOOL We are motivated We are dedicated We are on a Quest be our BEST! 

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Martial Arts in the Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville Area.

East West Karate & Fitness specializes in helping people develop a healthy mind and body, and to feel more secure through quality, comprehensive, and professional karate instruction. Whether your goal is self-defense, greater confidence, physical conditioning, stress reduction, flexibility, coordination or sport, East West Karate & Fitness is the POWERFUL ALTERNATIVE that will get you the results you are seeking.

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