Karate for Tweens & Teens 11 Years & UP

Karate for Tweens & Teens

Take control of your body and mind with our Tweens & Teens Karate Classes. Through fun fitness classes and with motivational staff, our program reinforces important values and life skills like Confidence, Self Defense, Goal Setting and Physical Fitness. Young adults and teens translate these principles to their home, school and personal lives.

Our martial arts program is motivational, inspirational and a well–balanced beginning to a successful adult life.

Karate is the ideal sport for teenagers for building self-confidence, fitness, flexibility, discipline, co-ordination, and courtesy, while learning basic self-defence skills.


Fitness and Tweens/Teens

Karate is a rare activity in that it uses every muscle and bone in the body, creating a full-body workout. Considering teens come in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels, it is an ideal activity because each person may go at his or her own pace.

This creates an environment where the fittest of teens can walk out of class completely exhausted, or those who lack any real fitness can leave having just pushed their comfort zones.

Many teens who play sport at representative levels train in karate as a means to improve their fitness, coordination, flexibility and agility. Equally, many teens who are not involved in sports train in karate for the basic health benefits; such as weight loss, muscle toning, improved cardio-vascular fitness and flexibility.

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