Our specially structured Martial Arts Programs are designed to develop and strengthen qualities children need in today’s society. Qualities such as self-esteem and self confidence are generally accepted as fundamentals to the healthy emotional and mental development of children.

Our classes help your child develop physical skills, including balance, coordination, self-defense and flexibility.

These skills have been documented to have a direct positive effect on a child’s mental development, self-esteem and academic performance.

Our children’s Karate program (ages 6-10) will channel that energy and teach focus, listening skills, and confidence.

Using martial arts-based exercises such as blocking, striking, kicking and punching, your child will learn how to focus energy to achieve a specific result. By learning combinations of the fundamental karate techniques, he/she will develop a strong sense of hand/eye co-ordination. This training uses age-appropriate activities and class structure which build confidence as your child advances in rank.


Studies show that parents perceive a large increase in self-confidence and self-esteem as the most obvious benefit attributable to karate training.

Let our team of qualified world class instructors educate and motivate your child through our goal oriented achievement programs found only at East West Karate.

Our instructors have patience, skill and dedication to work with your child to bring out the BEST.

Skilled in positive reinforcement, East West karate instructors work quickly to achieve results with children of all ages.

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